My name is Tim Kye

I like to work with TS/JS, Kotlin, and Clouds

A Bit About Me

I live in Portland, Oregon and I am a full stack developer. That term means a lot of things to different people, for me it means that I know how to:

While TypeScript has been my language of choice for the last few years, lately I have been working with Kotlin and loving it. I am also comfortable with C#, and I have some experience patching Python and Go.

I am very experienced with Amazon Web Services, with both the serverless Lambda architecture and Docker on ECS/Fargate, as well as supporting services like Dynamo, RDS Aurora, S3, API Gateway, SQS, etc. I've also worked with K8s, Cloudflare Pages/Workers, Digital Ocean Apps, and recently Deno Deploy.

In 2016 I legally changed my name from Timothy Moran to Timothy Kye.
In 2019 I changed my handle from Tyrsius to Kyeotic.

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